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Loyalty Points

Bokitta Hijab Reward And Loyalty Points

Bokitta Hijab loyalty points program is a way of showing our appreciation for your support by rewarding you each time you shop on our online store.

How our loyalty points work:

Shopping Points
You will earn 1 points for every ringgit (RM10) that you spend (excluding shipping)

Loyalty points that are redeemed as a part/full 'payment' when placing an order, cannot be returned to the customer in the event of an item/the entire order being refunded. Loyalty Points are appreciation gift from BOKITTA HIJAB  to our customers and the equivalent of redeeming a discount code; once used, they cannot be reissued. Loyalty points that are earned in a completed transaction, will be removed from the customer's account in the event that an item/the entire order is refunded.


For example :

If the cost of an item is RM10, which is then returned for a refund, 1000 Loyalty points will be removed from the customer's account following completion of the refund. 





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